Township Services

  1. Building Inspections

    Schedule a building inspection through the Department of Community Development.

  2. Leaf Collection

    Stay on top of your yard waste with this information.

  3. Road Maintenance

    Read about what the Hampton Township does to maintain our roads.

  4. Sewage Treatment

    Learn about sewage treatment in Hampton.

  5. Sewer Line Maintenance

    Find out what to do if you need sewer service.

  6. Dye Testing

    Learn about what Dye Testing is and why you need to do it.

  7. Snow & Ice

    Read about how the Township of Hampton takes care of snow and ice on the roads.

  8. Storm Water Management

    Learn about the issues surrounding storm water.

  9. Trash Removal

    Find out about trash services in Hampton.

  10. Water Authority

    View information about the water authority in Hampton.

  11. Guide to Selling Your Home