Community Park Playground Equipment Fundraiser

New Hampton Park Playground Equipment
The Hampton Community Association is currently asking for donations from the community at large to help redesign and replace the current playground equipment at the park. It has been many years since this project has been done and the desire is to be a multi-generational playground. Without community help, this project would not be possible. It is our hope you will consider a donation to this worthy project.

The HCA in partnership with the Township has received a matching $100,000 grant for the purpose of new playground equipment.  The goal is to have this playground equipment ready for use by May, 2016.  It is the HCA's goal to raise the additional $100,000 needed for site preparation (excavation, drainage, base preparation) through donations from families in Hampton so that there would be no need for outside funding or an additional burden on the Township budget.  

Donations can be made by cash, check, or through GoFundMe.

For more information regarding this effort, please refer to the flyer linked below that will also be mailed to all Hampton families.

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