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The Township of Hampton hosts many fabulous events throughout the year within Hampton Park and the Community Center facility. In addition, nearby Hartwood Acres also provides year round entertainment for all to enjoy.

The township is also fortunate to have many community organizations that hold special events throughout the year for residents

If you'd like your event or posting to be included on this page, please email the township. All bulletin board requests are subject to review by the township.

Depreciation Lands Museum Happenings

Greetings and Good Wishes for the New Year!

The Villagers of Talley Cavey, being of Scot's-Irish heritage may have brought in the New Year with the traditional Scottish celebration of "Hogmanay", which included traditional foods and music.
You might like to join us for the Candlelight Concert on Feb 9, which includes wonderful foods and a variety of period music!  See, below for more.
      **Please note that all winter activities require pre-paid registration**
 *** We start the New Year of 2019 with the Doll Tea, an event for our children and their dolls, which is already sold out, but there is much more....-
***  For Adults who enjoy making things, consider joining our on-going Gunn Klass:
   GUNN KLASS Spring Semester -  Begins Tuesday, Feb 5, 6:30pm
Learn 18th century style crafts and firearms construction
Visit our website at www.DLMuseum.org or call 412-486-0563 for more information

***  The Pittsburgh Historical Music Society Orchestra extends a cordial invitation to join them for an 18th century style evening filled with music, candlelight, and delectable delights!
    CANDLELIGHT CONCERT -  Saturday, Feb 9, 7pm
A variety of period Music, Treats & libations, presented by  the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society in the Deacon's Tavern at the Depreciation Lands Museum
Tickets are $25.00 per person
For more information, and to purchase tickets,  visit our website at www.DLMuseum.org

*** Join us for an informative and richly illustrated history lecture

  HISTORY LECTURE - Wednesday, Feb 20 , 7pm
Eager to Serve: Young George Washington, the Venango Path and Logstown
Admission: $6  (free for DLMA members, but registration is still required)
Visit our website at www.DLMuseum.org for more information and to register.
*** Have you - or someone you know - wanted to learn to spin or weave?  Here is your chance!

    WEAVING and SPINNING CLASSES - Saturdays in March & April
Learn a fascinating new skill! Beginners Welcome
  - Classes are appropriate for adults and teens -
Visit our website at www.DLMuseum.org for more information and to register.
***Thinking ahead to summer, mark your calendars for Adventures in Pioneer Living, a day camp for children ages 8-12, the week of June 24-28.  
Pre-paid registration is required.  Registration will open in March.

Are you a local  history buff ? --
--HISTORIC HAMPTON TOWNSHIP BOOK - by Lib Hunter and Debbie Rassau
 This wonderful book is again available.  Richly illustrated with historic photos, it covers the history of Hampton Township from the earliest days.
 Obtain your copy for $35 at the Museum or have it mailed directly to you by ordering on-line via the website at www.DLMuseum.org 

Hampton Remembrance Garden (High School) - Engraved Brick Program

The Hampton Alumni Remembrance Garden Committee invites you to become a permanent part of the Hampton Remembrance Garden at the Hampton High School.  By purchasing an engraved brick, you can support the Hampton Remembrance Garden and provide a lasting memory.  

For more information:  Hampton Remembrance Garden Engraved Brick Program