Comprehensive Plan


The Township desires to continue its successes in community planning and in its delivery of quality services to residents and businesses.  One component guiding such decisions is rooted in the Township's Comprehensive Plan, which was most recently updated in 2014.  This document seeks to address and inform the general nature of planning, development and policy decisions over the next ten years.  Ideas and strategies created as a part of this document continue to reinforce a range of community development strategies that the Township has put in motion in previous years.  The key strategies within the Comprehensive Plan consider future land use and housing, infrastructure, civic amenities, natural resources and regional considerations.  

Hampton Township's residents and leaders desire to continue strengthening the sense of community while taking opportunities to maintain a high level of quality of life.  This outlook reinforces the Township's past decisions that embrace a spirit of cooperation between public and private sectors as both are extremely important to successfully implementing the Comprehensive Plan.  To view the Comprehensive Plan in its entirety, please click the link below.

Hampton Township Comprehensive Plan