Stormwater, Flooding & Emergency Preparedness

Stormwater Management Information

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FEMA Information

The following link can be used to access the FEMA flooplain maps (FIRM) for Allegheny County.  This can help you to determine if your property is located within a floodplain.  To view a paper copy or for more information, please contact the Land Development Office of Hampton Township at (412) 486-0400.  Simply enter your address and then click on "View Web Map" on the results page.  

FEMA Floodplain Maps (FIRM)

Related Township Information:
Hampton Township Floodplain Ordinance, No. 769
​Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared in the event of a flood or other emergency?  Please read through the following guides provided by FEMA for helpful advice on how to prepare your home, place of business, and even your pet for an emergency situation.
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Pet Safety
Basement Flood Infographic
Business Emergency Plans
Disaster Kit Infographic