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Fitness Area

Subfacility of Community Center


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Cardio Equipment
  3. Locker Room
  4. Restrooms
  5. Walking Track
  6. Water
  7. Weight Equipment
The Township of Hampton, Department of Community Services (DCS) "hotel Style" fitness area is located on the Mezzanine level of the Hampton Community Center. The fitness area is available seven days a week during regular community center hours of operation unless posted otherwise.

Admission to the fitness area is by the community center service desk via purchasing a fitness area membership or paying the daily admission fee.




Family (Max of 4)



Married Couple






College Student



Youth (10-17)






Refunds/Rain Checks are NOT GIVEN
Lost/Damaged Card replacement Policy:
First replacement free, thereafter, $5.00 per replacement

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Twenty one (21) pieces of cardio and weight training equipment will be available. 

Prior to using the fitness area for the first time, each patron is required to read and sign the rule/release form and receive from a DCS staff member an in person, hands on equipment use orientation.