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3. Gift Certificates - CHECK or CASH

  1. Hampton Township Community Center - 3101 McCully Rd, Allison Park, PA 15101

  2. These rates reflect the address of the gift recipient, and NOT the person purchasing the Certificate.

  3. Type of Gift Certificate

  4. Type of Payment*

  5. Payments must be received by the Department of Community Services, Service Desk to complete membership processing. If payment is not received, your membership form will void.

  6. Alex Zarenko - Director of Department of Community Services

  7. After you submit this form, a RECEIPT for your Gift Certificate will be sent immediately to you via email. If you choose to have the Gift Certificate sent via USPS to you, please allow ample time for delivery. If you choose to pick up your Gift Certificate in person at the DCS Service Desk, bring a copy of the emailed receipt to the Service Desk, and it will be processed upon review. If you choose to have the Gift Certificate emailed, it will be emailed to you upon review and processing by the Service Desk. A link can be found in the Online Form section at for the recipient to complete their application form. Per township policy, NO REFUNDS or RAIN CHECKS are given.

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