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Activity: Cash/Check users


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  • Registration Information

    1. Hampton Township Community Center - 3101 McCully Road, Allison Park, PA 15101

    2. Please note - if you elect to pay using a credit card, a convenience fee of 2.95% will be added to your total upon checkout. The amount will be clearly indicated prior to submitting your payment. If you pay using a credit card, continue with the following form and use the Credit Card option.

    3. If you select 'Cash or Check' as your payment option, you CANNOT pay at the Service Desk using a credit card. If you wish to pay using a credit card, use the Credit Card option. When making payment with Cash or Check and submitting to the Community Center service desk, please click on the link above to submit a Cash/Check form.

    4. Cash/Check registrations for DCS programs will be accepted through the mail or in person. Spaces will not be held until payment is received. If mailing payment, please submit printed form and payment to Department of Community Services 3101 McCully Road Allison Park PA 15101. Checks payable to Township of Hampton. Once payment is received at the Community Center service desk, your registration will be processed and completed.