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  1. Robo Call from Hampton Shaler Water Authority - Please Disregard

    A robo call inadvertently went out to the entire distribution area in lieu of a small area due to a computer malfunction. All callers should please disregard this call and we greatly apologize for the inconvenience. - Hampton Shaler Water Authority
  2. Glass Bin at Municipal Building to be Removed Permanently effective January 31, 2023

    Just a friendly reminder now that you can recycle glass (GLASS BOTTLES & JARS ONLY) in your green/yellow recycling cart at home, the large blue glass recycling bin located behind the salt storage building will be removed permanently effective Jan 31, 2023
  3. What To Do With Your Old Trash Cans/Carts???

    Now that Waste Management has started to roll out the new trash/garbage carts, many residents are asking "what do we do with our old trash cans???" Read on...
  4. Waste Management Trash Cart Delivery and Customer Handbook

    Customer Handbooks prepared by the Township and Waste Management will begin hitting mailboxes within the next week. Trash cart delivery will begin... Read on...
  5. Christmas Tree Disposal / Recycling

    You can dispose/recycle your Christmas Tree through Waste Management as well as Allegheny County through the following programs... Read on...

    January, 2023 starts a new garbage contract with Waste Management that changes collection from unlimited to automated service for both trash and recycling. Because we realized there would be many questions, we developed a customer handbook... Read on...
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