Community Center

Fall / Winter Hours of Operation 

Sunday: 12 - 4 pm

Monday &  Friday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm

Tuesday - Thursday: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm 

Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Front of Community Center with Roses

The Hampton Community Center is located in the beautiful Hampton Community Park. The Community Center offers something for all ages to enjoy! 

As you enter the Community Center you will notice the Hampton Community Library on the right hand side of the building. The library is independently operated from the Community Center. 

Located on the main floor of the Community Center you will find the Community Center Service Desk which is staffed at all times during regular hours of operation. The Service Desk staff goal is to provide excellent customer service to all who enter the building and provide information as well as assistance regarding memberships, programs, and events sponsored by the Department of Community Services. 

The main level of the center also features two full court basketball courts, a self-serve & self-pay Food Market, additional cardio machines, Gathering Area, and Great Rooms A & B.  

The upstairs level of the building is a Fitness Center that includes cardio machines, free weights, strengthening equipment, and an indoor track.

Community Center Membership Information

The Community Center offers yearly memberships for both the Community Center & Fitness Area. All our our memberships can be purchased online using our Online Registration System or in person at the Community Center Service Desk. 

Every member will receive a Membership ID Photo Card that will need to be scanned each time they enter the facility, to verify membership. When you renew your membership each year, your membership card will automatically renew. If you purchase your membership online, please speak with the Service Desk staff during your first visit to the center so they can take your photo and print your photo ID card. If you are purchasing your membership in person at the Community Center the Service Desk staff will take your photo for your ID card upon completing your membership transaction. 

Community Center Memberships includes access to the buildings Gymnasium / Basketball Courts and access to the upstairs indoor track. The Community Center Membership does not give you access to the Fitness Area equipment or free weights. 

Community Center Membership Fees 

We offer yearly memberships for both Residents and Non-Residents. The first fee is for Residents and the second fee is for Non-Residents. 

  • Adult Community Center Membership: $32.00 / $63.00
  • Youth Community Center Membership: $19.00 / $38.00 

Adult Memberships are for members 18 years of age and older. Youth Memberships are for children between the ages of 10 and 17 years of age. Children ages 9 and under are free.* 

* Children under 10 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult while in the Community Center. If the adult accompanying the child in the building has their own membership; a daily admission fee would not be required. If the adult accompanying the child in the building does not have their own membership; the daily fee would apply for any usage of the building and its amenities. 

Community Center Daily Guest Information

If you are interested in using the Community Center amenities, such as the Walking Track, but do not wish to purchase a membership you can purchase a one day pass to the Center. The daily Community Center Guest fee is $6 per day. This fee includes all day use of the Gymnasium / Basketball Courts, Track and Fitness Equipment (first time Fitness users will be required to participate in a brief Fitness Orientation prior to using the equipment.)

Community Center Open Gym Information

If you are interested in using the Community Center Gymnasiums / Basketball Courts and you do not wish to purchase a Center membership a $3 per day admission fee can be paid for usage of the Gymnasium / Basketball Court area only. Open Gym times vary each month. Please call 412-487-7870 ext. 1370 for current open gym hours and availability. 

Open gym time is available for non structured recreation for individuals of all ages and skill level. Organized games or practices are not permitted by any groups of individuals during open gym time. 

Updated Policy on Basketball Court (Gymnasium) and Track Usage (updated as of 11/28/22): 

 Please understand that black sole shoes are not permitted to be worn on the basketball courts (gymnasium) or on the walking track. In addition to this, please make sure that all personal belongings are stored in the lockers to the right of the basketball court (gymnasium) doors before entering this area. Last, the use of hand sanitizer is not permitted in the basket ball courts (gymnasium) or on the track. We appreciate your understanding and anticipated cooperation with this.

The History of The Community Center

Many years ago, Hampton had a vision to someday have a Community Center that could provide amenities to the broad spectrum of our residents, from children to senior citizens and from athletes to literary enthusiasts. The stumbling block was how to build this multi-purpose facility without financially burdening the township residents.IMG_0988

A few years ago, as a result of creative thinking and a cooperative interest rate market, council was presented a scenario that refinanced Hampton’s existing debt, phased out the Township Sanitary Authority, and issued additional bonds that would cover the cost to build the Community Center. Amazingly, the annual debt service cost after implementing this refinancing plan and issuing new bonds was actually lower than the annual $1.6 million dollar combined annual average debt of the Township and Sanitary Authority at that time. Only 10 additional years were added to the original debt schedule, even though the expected minimum life of the Community Center is 50 years.

Today, the Hampton Community Center is open to the residents of Hampton and the northern Allegheny County regional area. With recreation programs, dance classes, birthday parties, weddings, social gatherings, quiet library time, and much more!

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