Dye Testing

Dye Testing

Stormwater Compliance Testing (Dye Testing)

Hampton Township no longer conducts Dye Tests on an in-house basis. The following is current stormwater compliance information:

In accordance with Township of Hampton Ordinance #648 (adopted January 26, 2005), the procedure for storm water compliance testing (dye testing) is as follows:

Application Process

The applicant (usually the seller) will contact and retain the services of a Plumber listed on the Hampton Township Storm Water Compliance  Approved Testing Agency List. (The list is updated on an annual basis, so be sure to check the Township web site for updates.)

The applicant (or the approved agency representing the applicant) will file a Hampton Township Application for Storm Water Compliance Testing with the required forty-dollar ($40) administrative fee.

Within 10 days, the Environmental Services Department will issue a Storm Water Compliance Test Packet that will need to be picked up by either the applicant or the approved testing agency at the Township Municipal Building. The applicant will be notified when the packet is ready.


When the test is completed, the testing agency will return the completed test report to the Hampton Township Municipal Building. The report must be returned at least 7 days prior to the closing date.

Within the 7 days, (presuming that there are no violations reported) a Storm Water Compliance Certificate will be issued by the Township of Hampton and forwarded to the Township Tax Office. If violations are noted on the Test Report, all violations must be corrected before a compliance certificate will be issued.

Please Note, there is no exemption clause. All property sales or transfers that involve a change in the name on the property deed must be tested.

More Information

Fore more information, please contact Jim Degnan, DES Director at 412-486-0400 extension 3312.