Stray & Nuisance Cats

Free-Roaming Cats
While the Township of Hampton does not have a leash law for cats, free-roaming cats can be a nuisance at times. All cats must be annually vaccinated against rabies; however, cats are not required to display the rabies tag on a collar. We strongly encourage owners to confine their cats indoors at all times. The indoor cat escapes exposure to disease, traffic hazards and other dangers.

Solutions to Cat Nuisance Problems
There are several solutions to cat nuisance problems, such as Ropel, an exterior animal repellant used in areas where cats are a problem. In "sandbox" areas the feces should be removed or the soil replaced before Ropel is applied. If the owner of the problem cat is known, contact them and ask for their cooperation. This is often the most effective way to solve the problem.

Capture of Elusive Nuisance Cats
In addition, live traps may also be purchased for the capture of elusive nuisance cats. Friendly ones should be transported in a sturdy box, carrier or pillowcase. All nuisance cats must be treated humanely. Big Daddy Wildlife Removal is contracted by the Township of Hampton to remove nuisance animals and will be notified by the Police Department to remove or capture the animal. The Police Department does not pick up cats unless they are seriously injured or sick, or have bitten a human within the past 10 days. Any animal taken by the police will be turned over to Big Daddy Wildlife Removal  for care and observation.

For further information, call the Hampton Township Police Department between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 412-486-0400 or 911 for immediate assistance.