Providing Protection for the Citizens of Hampton
The Township of Hampton Police Department consists of 18 full-time and 4 part-time Police officers and 2 civilian personnel working in divisions to provide you with the highest level of public safety and emergency assistance. Each division helps to provide a different aspect of protection for you and your family. These divisions are:
  • Administration - this division handles all administrative functions including the investigation of reported misconduct by any of its officers.
  • Juvenile / Community Relations - this division handles community education programs, tours of the police department, neighborhood crime watches, School Resource Officers, juvenile crime and education related issues.
  • Drug Task Force - this division specializes in cases involving the distribution of illegal drugs.
  • Investigations - this division is assigned to cases such as thefts, kidnappings, or other crimes where investigation is required to identify suspects or gather information following an initial police report.
  • Patrol Division - this division patrols the streets of Hampton, ensuring citizen safety.
  • Traffic - this division of uniformed officers is responsible for keeping the streets of Hampton Township safe for all motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. They also assist in emergency calls.