Neighborhood Santa Tour

Santa Claus is coming to your neighborhood on December 18th beginning at 10:00 am! 

Santa will begin his neighborhood tour at the Hampton Community Park and then travel throughout the Township compliments of the Hampton & North Hampton Fire Departments! SantaFireTruck

For everyone’s convenience we have a Santa Tracker for people to view the tentative time Santa will be in or around your neighborhood. Click here and type in your address in the upper left-hand box to view Santa’s route. Please understand that these times are TENTATIVE times and may not be exact.

While Santa wishes he could visit every Township street we have done our very best to try to include as many streets and areas throughout the Township as we could. 

If you are visiting an area where Santa will be in, please make sure that your vehicle is not parked in any turn around areas such as cul-de-sacs or anywhere that would prohibit a firetruck from driving by. 

Santa will remain on the firetrucks the entire time of the tour. 

If you do notice your street or neighborhood on the route, and you would like to see Santa please feel free to join us in the Hampton Community Park this day at 10:00 am. Santa will be driving through the Community Park before he heads off to the neighborhoods!

We would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to the Hampton & North Hampton Volunteer Fire Departments for providing Santa his transportation and helping coordinate this event! We would also like to thank Sal Leo’s Tree Services for their generous contribution of candy canes, which will be handed out throughout Santa’s tour!