Recycle / Reuse Options Around Hampton

Do you have items at home that could be reused / repurposed, you don't want to throw away in the trash and cannot be recycled as part of the Township's / Waste Management's recycling program?  The following is a list of options around Hampton Township for such items:

  • Hampton Township Police Department Lobby:  Accepts medications
  • Pennsylvania Resource Council / Zero Waste Pittsburgh:  Visit for information on conservation workshops including composting and collection events including ReuseFest.  Information on reducing junk mail and other recycling ideas and events are also available here.
  • Brother's Brother:  Accepts walkers, manual wheelchairs, bedside commodes, canes, crutches, shower chairs, hospital beds, etc.
  • Construction Junction:  Accepts building materials in good condition.
  • Salvation Army: 
  • AMVETS: or 1-800-775-VETS(8387).  They pick up items at your home!  Accepts clothing, draperies, toys, games, bikes, tools and books.
  • Thrivent Community - Three Rivers:  412-348-0304  Accepts bikes that they in turn refurbish and distribute to people in low income areas.
  • Free Ride:   A non-profit recycle a bike shop that enables people of all ages to obtain, recycle and maintain bicycles.
  • JT Tire:  412-486-3997.  Accepts used tires for a fee.
  • Appliance Warehouse:  1-888-GO-FREON.  Allegheny County residents can recycle appliances that are Freon-based such as refrigerators and water heaters.  Items can be dropped off at the Lawrenceville location at 73 McCandless Avenue free of charge.  You can also schedule a pickup at your home for a fee.
  • JW Marshall Scrap Metals:  724-898-2010.  Accepts scrap metal at their plant on Route 8 north in Valencia.
  • Styrofoam Recycling:  The Shipping Depot in Shoppers Plaza on Route 8 accepts clean packing peanuts.  Appliance Warehouse (412-381-8800) accepts clean, white Styrofoam that has never been used for food or drink.
  • Giant Eagle:  Recycle your plastic grocery bags here.