Billing Information


Waste Management will bill each household on a four-month basis according to the level of service selected.  Payment has to be applied by the due date.  Customer prices are set from year-to-year based on the contract.  Recycling, yard waste collection services, as well as HHW and E-waste collection are offered at no additional cost.  Households who request to pay for service on an annual basis during the first quarter of the year (see your bill for actual due date) will receive a 5% discount on their basic service.  Upon request, senior citizens 65 or over shall qualify for a 10% discount upon submittal to Waste Management of proof of age in the form of a valid driver's license or other recognized photo ID and documentation of financial responsibility for the household.

Regular Curbside Rates for Length of Contract

Customer rates for Regular Curbside Service for the length of the contract with Waste Management (1/1/23 to 12/31/26) are as follows:

2023 - $30.51 per month

2024 - $33.26 per month

2025 - $36.25 per month

2026 - $39.51 per month

Please contact Waste Management for rates regarding backyard or drive-in service.

For further information regarding this year's Senior Discount rate as well as the rate for payment up front for the entire year, please click here.

Temporary Suspension of Service - "Snowbird" Clause

Residents who temporarily leave their permanent residence during the winter months shall be permitted by Waste Management to suspend service temporarily between November 1st and March 31st for a period not to exceed four (4) months.  Requests for this exception must be made in writing to WM at least thirty (30) days prior to the requested date to stop service.

Do I Have To Participate In Collection?

Under Pennsylvania's Act 101 of 1989, the Allegheny County Solid Waste Plan and by Hampton Ordinance, residents of Hampton Township are required to utilize the residential collection service provided by the Township.  These laws also require that should the collector find that a customer is contaminating recyclables by mixing items that cannot be recycled together with items that can, Waste Management (WM) will not collect them.  Likewise, if the collector finds that wastes are improperly contained, overweight, or placed out of reach, WM can decline to collect them.  Other waste-related violations, including illegal dumping, will be addressed by either the State or the Township, depending on the circumstances.