Bulk Items, Appliances & Volume Pickups

Bulk Items and Overflow Material

Waste Management will only collect material that fits inside your trash and recycling cart.  All trash must be bagged and fit inside the provided cart.  Recyclables must be placed loose into your recycling cart and boxes must be broken down.

Residents may purchase up to two (2) additional 96-gallon carts for a one-time fee of $100 per cart.  Residents may also purchase up to two (2) additional 64-gallon recycling carts for $85 per cart.

Waste Management will collect one bulk item once per month during the 4th full week of the month at no additional charge.  Place your bulk item at the curb on the same day as your trash collection during your bulk collection week.  Additional items can be arranged for pickup for a fee by calling WM.  To dispose of bulk items, residents must contact WM at 1-800-451-3060.

See the attached calendar for your bulk collection weeks.

What is a Bulk Item:

A bulk item is an appliance, piece of furniture, or some other residential item that is too large for a container.  Construction debris and hazardous waste are not permitted as bulk items.  WM asks that residents call 1-800-451-3060 in advance to schedule collection of a white-goods appliance.

Special Note on Freon Appliance Disposal

When a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, or dehumidifier is disposed of, a licensed technician must remove the Freon or other refrigerant for recycling before sending the item away.  You can contact your own heating/air conditioning professional, or call 1-888-GO-FREON for help.  State law also requires the removal of refrigerator and freezer doors to avoid the entrapment of children.  If replacing an old appliance, you may want to ask the store upon delivery of your new appliance if they provide removal of your old unit at the same time.

NOT Bulk Waste and Unaccepted Materials

  • Concrete, brick, asphalt, roofing, electronics
  • Vehicles, vehicle parts and tires
  • Building materials such as plaster, dry wall, wood, construction debris, etc.

Listed below are examples of bulk items and the cost per item after the first free one per month:

BULK ITEMCost Per Item
Large Appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers)$35.00
Small Appliances (trash compactors)$25.00
Large C&D* (Materials must be cut down into pieces no more than 4 ft. in length and bundled, each weighing no more than 40 pounds.  Any nails must be removed or pounded into material)$60.00
Small C&D* (Cabinetry, vanity, interior door or closet door, light fixture, metal or exterior door, dry paint cans)$35.00
Carpet - Cut in sections no longer than 48 inches, securely rolled and tied, 6 bundled sections.$30.00
Large Furniture (table, sofa, chest, dresser, door, armoire, etc.)$40.00
Small Furniture (headboard, chair, lamps, vacuum cleaners, large toys, bed rail, street bicycle, card table, step ladder, etc.)$25.00
Mattress/Box Spring$25.00
Large Outdoor Furniture and Items (picnic table and benches, snowblower, assembled basketball hoop and pole, disassembled swing set, lawn furniture, etc.)$120.00
Small Outdoor Furniture and Items (ladder, push lawnmower, basketball board or pole under 4 ft., garage door opener assembly, exterior door, car top carrier, child's swimming pool, screen door, etc.)$35.00
Porcelain Fixtures$30.00
Refrigerator and Freezer (Freon must be removed, see note above)$120.00
Sports and Exercise Equipment$40.00
* "C&D" - Construction & Demolition (contact Waste Management for further clarification of materials accepted under Large C&D)

Volume Pickup

Collection of large quantities of bagged excess waste from cleanouts of attics, basements and garages, provided the waste meets the definition of acceptable waste.  Volume pickups are based on a unit charge that includes the collection and disposal.

Multiple appliances and/or bulk items will be billed at their individual rate and will not be included in a volume pickup rate.

Contact Waste Management for pricing and scheduling a volume pickup.

For the disposal of any item not listed on this page, contact Waste Management at 1-800-451-3060 or www.wm.com