Intro to Improv

*Updated 9/6/23: Sections 1,3,4 & 5 have been postponed until February 2024 due to low enrollment. New dates will be posted soon.

New for fall 2023!

For anyone curious about what improv is, or just wants to try something new. Students will learn about short form improvisation starting with the basic rules of improv through a variety of fun games and improv exercises. Classes will build a base of skills that students can use to not only be creative and have fun, but also skills that they can use in their everyday lives as they grow. No experience of any kind necessary! Taught by Sarah McChesney.  Intro to Improv

To learn more about Sarah, visit her website.

Registration will open on August 14th for both Residents and Non-Residents.

Elementary Edition 

Section 1 - Wednesday Classes                      

September 13th-October 18th4:30-5:30pm7-10 yrs$75

Middle School Edition

Section 2 -Saturdays

September 9th-October 14th1:00-2:30pm11-13 yrs$85

Section 3 - Mondays

September 11th-October 16th3:30-5:00pm11-13 yrs$85

High School Edition

Section 4 - Saturdays

September 9th-October 14th3:00-4:30pm14-18yrs$85

Section 5 - Tuesdays

September 12th-October 17th3:30-5:00pm14-18 yrs$85

Participants should bring a notebook and pen to class.