What is a real estate tax assessment?
Real estate in the Township of Hampton is assessed annually by the Allegheny County, Board of Assessment Appeals and Review at 100% of fair market value. A County assessor will value the property based on the size and type of land and the nature of the development on the property. Reassessment notices are mailed to all property owners in January. The notice shows the assessments for the previous year and the current year, representing the fair market value. Property owners can review a history of assessments made to their property and others in the Township in the real estate property book available in the Tax Office.

Property owners who feel that their property has been assessed too high may appeal first to the Allegheny County Board of Assessment Appeals. The office has 2 review procedures. First, they will conduct a formal review on request without a formal petition and adjust the assessment as necessary. If the owner still disputes the ruling, they can file a formal petition with the office to have a reassessment based on one or more qualifying grounds. If the matter is still unsettled, a court hearing can take place to solve the disagreement. For more information, or to find out about having your property assessed, contact the Allegheny County Board of Assessment Appeals located at:
329 County Office Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Or call them at 412-350-4600.

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