How do I reduce my fee?

The Township has a credit system that rewards property owners for taking steps set forth in the SCMPC Fee Credit Manual, including rock sumps, rain gardens, permeable pavement, infiltration basins, bed or trench, underground detention, green roofs, dry extended ponds, or stormwater treatment channels.  

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1. Why is the Stormwater Collection, Management and Pollution Control Fee necessary?
2. How do I pay my Fee?
3. What do water pollution & floods have in common?
4. How will my fair share investment be calculated?
5. I don't have stormwater runoff problems on my property, do I still pay the fee?
6. Why is a new fee necessary to pay for this?
7. What safeguards are in place to ensure the money will be invested as promised?
8. How do I reduce my fee?
9. How will the SCMPC fee help to prevent pollution and floods?