Can I get a verbal answer on my plans?

The Township's staff is here to discuss projects and provide guidance to residents and contractors in meeting the Township's requirements; however, residents often want to get a verbal answer on whether a project is feasible while having discussions with staff. Please be aware that the official review of any permits, plans, plan changes, projects, or other hypotheticals will only occur once the required paperwork has been submitted. This is necessary so we can check for things you may not be aware of, either in the codes or on your property. Things such as utility line easements or private rights-of-way can be easily overlooked during planning but present a challenge to construction. Something that seemed ok in concept may need to meet additional requirements after a review of the survey. For this reason, a final "ok" is never given verbally and expenditures related to a planned project should never be spent until written approval is provided from the Township. This policy is in place as a protection for residents so they can have the Township's approval of their project in writing and the assurance that they can proceed without questions or challenges from staff or neighbors. 

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