Who is in charge of maintaining state and county roads?

In addition to the maintenance and construction performed by the Township of Hampton, the state and county perform similar work on their roads, routes, interstates, and right-of-ways that run through the Township of Hampton. These state and county roads and projects, while within the Township of Hampton limits, are not controlled, designed or maintained by the Township of Hampton Department of Public Works. State routes and interstates in the township of Hampton include:

  • Route 8
  • PA Turnpike
  • Ferguson Road
  • Harts Run Road
  • Hardt Road, E. and W.
  • Hardies Roads
  • McCully Road
  • Mt. Royal Boulevard
  • Sample Road
  • Wildwood-Sample Road
  • Wildwood Road and Extension 
  • Cedar Run Road to Church Lane 
  • Cedar Ridge Road

To report a maintenance or repair concern on a State-owned roadway, you may contact the State at 1-800-349-7623 or by email at the following link:  PennDOT Fix Road

County Roads are Middle Road and Duncan Avenue. To find out about construction occurring on these roads, or to report a maintenance or repair concern, you may contact the County at 412-350-4906.

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