What should I do if I have a rodent control issue?

Rats, the most common pest rodent in this area, are semi-aquatic by habit and are frequently found living in close association with humans. They can create danger because of the diseases they often carry and the destruction they can cause. The Township of Hampton takes steps to control the rodent populations in the township by responding to concerns or complaints about rodents. Homeowners, especially those living in close proximity to a drainage ditch, are urged to keep yard areas neatly cut and trimmed. Pet owners are urged to give their pets only the amount of food that they will consume at a single feeding, and to clean up after their pets on a daily basis. The Resident's Guide to Rodent Control (PDF) is designed to assist you in the control of rats and the environmental conditions that breeds rats. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, please call Susan Bernet at the township at 412-486-0400, extension 1303. We will have a rodent official inspect your property as soon as possible. If he inspects your property and finds rodents he will have you sign a release form immediately, so he may bait your property.

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