How do I pay Earned Income Taxes?
This is the 1% tax that is paid by all wage earners including those who are self-employed based on residency in Hampton Township. The revenue collected is shared equally between the Township and the School District. As of January, 2012, Pennsylvania Act 32 took effect which mandates all Pennsylvania employers withhold Earned Income Tax from employee paychecks. Earned Income Taxes for Hampton Township are collected by Keystone Collections.

All employees are required to complete a Certificate of Residence form with their employers. It is the employer’s responsibility to get this information to you; however, if your employer’s payroll department is unfamiliar with this form, please suggest that they contact Keystone Collections at 1-888-328-0558. The Township’s / School District’s 6-digit political subdivision code is 710501. It is extremely important that this code is correct when the form is submitted to your employer.

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