How do I go about getting a municipal lien letter for a property in Hampton?

Hampton Township requires a Municipal Lien Letter for the sale or transfer of property and also for a refinance of property. A Lien Letter certifies that there are no municipal claims such as water, sewage, sewer assessment, etc. against the property being sold, transferred, or refinanced. If there is a claim, the letter will provide the amount necessary to satisfy the claim(s). A Lien Letter Request Form must be completed and submitted for processing to the township well in advance of the set or anticipated closing date. Hampton Township requires 10 business days for all sale or refinance transactions. The lien letter form is usually requested by a Title, Settlement Company or an attorney representing the sellers or buyers. The fee for municipal lien letter is $25. The township will issue a lien letter for any municipal claims prior to February, 1996. For all information after this date, please contact both Jordan Tax Service 724-731-2300 / 412-835-5243 and Hampton Shaler Water Authority, at 412-486-4867, in order to avoid any potential delays in the issuance of a lien letter. For information on lien letters contact the Township of Hampton Office at 412-486-0400, extension 1301.

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